Modern living is often fast paced, but therapies give us time to take a break that leaves us feeling great. Each of us is an individual, completely unique, so we don't all want the same type of therapy


Bristol Therapies is the website of Louise Morgan, holistic therapist and owner of the clinic Therapy Centre, Bristol BS14  9HB. I have several different websites and this explains the different therapies I offer. I have a passion for aromatherapy, various massage types, reiki and reflexology. I started my business because I want to help empower people, I love therapies and enjoy the well-being I experience from them. I believe the best service is one which is thoughtful, non-judgmental and tailored to you.

Not sure where to start?

If you're confused about therapies and how to work out what you want, I'd recommend signing up to get instant access to my free Guide which explains what to think about to work out what might be best for you - the sign up box is to the right of this page. It will sign you to my Therapy Centre newsletter which will keep you updated about my monthly/quarterly clinic news.

I offer:
Bespoke aromatherapy services: aromatherapy massage, clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine
Massage services: holistic massage, aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage
Baby Massage Tuition (further information about baby massage is on my dedicated website here)

I love to work with clients who:
- Are not looking for cheap deals but do like to receive customer loyalty rewards
- Want to work with someone who will have honest conversations about how a therapy is working for you
- Don't like to feel rushed
- Want to take responsibility for their own health and need help to achieve it

Want to know more?
Explore this website if you want to know more about my therapies and what happens during a therapy session; if you want to know more about my clinic you can check out my website, Therapy Centre, which will give you information about all of the therapists who work there. If you're for looking for baby massage tuition there's more details at my dedicated website, Bristol Baby Massage and if you want to know about my qualifications, memberships and experience you can find the information at my own website,

If you need more help, do contact me, you're welcome to email or call me. If you do get a voicemail do leave a message as I will return your call as soon as possible.
If you'd like to follow me on social media my Facebook page is LMorganTherapies and my Twitter account LMorganTherapy

Know what you need?
Let me know what you want to book and what days am/pm/evenings work best for you